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Matchmaking (video games)

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The Alchemist is on the rise both in Public Matchmaking and Professional scene. We were interested to see why so we could share our findings with you!

Perhaps the fact that landing a hook gives an immediate feeling of satisfaction has also a lot to do with the fact that he is topping the pick charts, especially in the lower MMR brackets. From mid to offlane and position 4 support, Pudge made it to more than 6,, pubs in February alone and he boasts a Here are the public matchmaking top picks and the most successful heroes for the month of February for each MMR bracket.

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Support players can easily mess up his Hooks with Lion or Shadow Shaman who have a decent range for Hex. Oracle is another good counter and an overall good pick to keep your lane under control. Stealing the Hook with Rubick is always a good and fun way to put Pudge at disadvantage. Core heroes that can deal extremely efficiently with Pudge are Abaddon who can also be played in the support role and Legion Commander.

Lifestealer is one of the best carry heroes to stand against Pudge. Mid lane players can easily solve the Pudge problem with Outworld Devourer. There are also a few items that should be prioritized, especially by the supports when playing against pudge. Glimmer Cape can help your allies or even yourself. No matches. By Div March 01,